where can I find free death records online, with NO fee?

where can I find free death records online, with NO fee?

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I am big into family history, and I cant find a website that you can find death records for free. My grandpa’s mom is the only great-grandma that I didn’tget to know, because she died before I was born, and I want to know when she died. I’m not sure if I should ask my Grandpa because it might be a touchy situation.


  1. Derek, you have a big problem here, because your grandma probably died way before all birth and death records were computerized. Here in California, birth and death records are maintained by the County Recorder’s office where a person died. But I know that back east, in certain states this function may actually be performed by the city clerk. So come hell or high water you need to know the city and county where your great grandma died and you need to know the approximate year of death. If you go more than 25 years back these are simply typewritten and in the older days even only handwritten entries in a big black book. City and county employees are not going to the research for you in those old records, but they may show you where to find the records and how to use them.

    So my recommendation is to go and explain to your grandpa what you are trying to accomplish. If his mother died before you were even born, it is so far back that it is unlikely to open up old wounds. To the contrary, your grandpa might be happy to reminisce about the olden days, especially with a young fellow who is taking an interest in the family’s history. You can always open up the conversation if it is OK to talk about his mother.

    Good luck.

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