Where do I find records on who has owned/lived in my house...

Where do I find records on who has owned/lived in my house before me, or what has happened on the property?

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Criminal Records, Marriage & Divorce Records, Bankruptcies, Evictions, Contact Info, and more...


Now I know some people are just going to make fun of me for this, but ever since we’ve lived in this house, we’ve had paranormal experiences. Lately, we’ve all seen the same thing: The apparition of a girl. We’ve seen her and heard her too many times to ignore it, and we can’t get her to leave. I’d like to find out who she was if I could, but I can’t find a good enough site for it.


  1. You can try to look it up through the county tax assessors office or through public records within the county website.

  2. You can go to the county court house and look it up. You can go online but that will only give you the last couple of sales usually. I would go into the court house and you can look it up manually

  3. There are no such record and no such website.

    All you can find is who all has owned the house. If it has ever been rented then you have no way of getting that information. Leases are not public record.

    As far as anything that has ever happened there: There is no way to find that out. You can search newspaper archives to see if it was ever mentioned but that is about it.

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