why cant i access court records online at no cost.?

why cant i access court records online at no cost.?

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i am trying ot find out court records on a Felony case. but cant get info. i refuse to pay for public record….


  1. Not everything is online.
    You do have to sometimes do a little work.
    It isn’t that tough you will live.
    People have done it for years without the internet.
    You can too.

  2. Depends on the local website. Some have the records online, some don’t. There isn’t some central database that joe citizen can access to see all court records.

    You never know which municipalitles will have thier records online. Houston, the 4th largest city in this country does not. My little podunk town of 20K people does. It depends on if the local officials want to spend the man hours and money to have this information published on the net or not.

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