Will a bank check for judgements on court records when applying for a mortgage?

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Its for an FHA loan and I meet all criteria but have a past repo about 8 years ago. Nothing is on my credit report just in court records. I due still owe a significant amount like 30k.
Its not on my credit. I have a 760 score with credit monitoring. The credit companies can only list public records for 7 years. Its gone. I have heard that title companies will find the judgement and stop the closing until paid in full. Looks like I will either have to pay it off or save up and buy a house in cash.


  • judgements on credit report
  • does a lender suppose to check judgement records that are not on your credit report?
  • does the public record they pull for a fha morgage show criminal records
  • What is it when a court or mortgage company runs a PACE check?
  • why are mortgages public record
  • will the morgage company find out i have a judgement if its not on my credit report
  • will they always find a judgement when applying for a mortgage
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3 Responses to Will a bank check for judgements on court records when applying for a mortgage?

  1. taximomuv3 says:

    If it’s not showing up on your credit report, then the title insurance/escrow company MIGHT find it when they check for any liens & judgements before issuing title. If they find it, you’ll need to pay it or have proof it was cleared before the loan can close.

  2. Erica J says:

    Anything pertaining to debt is listed in ur credit report or public records. Once they run your social they can find anything. Now the question is, have u checked your credit report with all 3 credit reporting agencies? Its been my experience that what shows up on a report from one agency may very well have been reported to another. I seriously doubt that a debt in that large an amount has slipped under the credit radar. Check Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

  3. Irish Eyes says:

    The bank will not lend to someone that has an open judgment. Even if it is not showing up on your credit report, it will show up on the title search. Part of the title search is pulling anything associated with your social security number and name. At that time you will either have the opportunity to pay it or the loan will be denied.

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