will a class c misdemeanor be on my record when i turn...

will a class c misdemeanor be on my record when i turn 18 if i was arrested when 17?

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I was caught shoplifting at a Texas walmart when I was 17 and the thing i stole was 49.88 so 12 cents saved my @$$ and i got a class c misdemeanor. The officer told me it was just a slap on the wrist and it wouldnt affect my chances of getting a job or he said getting into the army, but does that mean it won’t go on my record? I’ve been doing some reading on other peoples experiences and they say that employers wont really give a darn about a juvenile’s class c misdemeanor for shoplifitng even if it shows up.Also, are there 2 types of records, juvenile and adult? My juvinile record isnt’t sealed, can i still do that when im 18?

Basically i want to know if this will show on my record as a adult. and if it does will something like this affect me getting a job


  1. I got pulled over a week or two ago and a cop mentioned something I did in 1997 that I got continued with out a finding,

    yup that’s right I got off, but forever it comes into judgement at stop lights.

    And yes I was 17 in 1997

  2. In Texas you’re NOT a juvenile at 17, for Criminal Justice Purposes, you are an adult.

    The record will always be there. Even though it is only a C Misdemeanor, it is considered a "Crime of Moral Turpitude" Whether or not it effects your chances of getting a job depends on the job and the employer.

    If you apply for a job that requires a regulatory license, then the employer and the regulatory agency will know that you were charged with this offense and whether or not you were convicted.

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