Will a dismissed charge, but an arrest record, hinder my job opportunities?

Will a dismissed charge, but an arrest record, hinder my job opportunities?

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I was arrested for misdemeanor shoplifting when I was 20. Because it was my first offense, I completed a pre-trial diversion program. After completing the program, the case against me was dismissed, which means that I do not have a misdemeanor on my criminal record.

This is the tricky part. I was arrested, so I have an arrest record. Will this prevent me from being hired by employers?

Like I said, I have no misdemeanors or felonies; just the arrest and the dismissed case. This was in Georgia. Please don’t lecture me; I know it was a huge mistake.


  1. If it was a petty theft you’ll be ok. Yes be sorry for being a thief. Next time you’ll know better.

  2. In general, employers only ask about convictions, so you most likely would not have to disclose the arrest. Also, the pre-trial diversion program may have provided for the ability to have the arrest expunged. You should look into that possibility.

  3. No you don’t have an arrest record and it should not come up on any state forms issued to a potential employer. A dismissed case is no case at all! Only convictions are given out.

  4. federal,law enforcement,private sercurity I could see a problem,other than that you should be good.

  5. It’s considered illegal to ask if you have ever been arrested, so they wouldn’t ask and a background check for that purpose would also be for an illegal purpose. It should not hinder you, but being truthful is if your applying for a job that has access to a million dollar bank account, they will dig it up and tell you some other candidate won the job. It only legally can’t hinder you.

  6. Your not FINE, these days, infact your screwed with so many people looking those record check clearing house, stamps arrest on any, with arrests and you know what happens after that, circular file.(app in trash) Maybe a burger joint may over look ,but running a register-no way! Better Jobs, not easy~ There is a problem. Arrests are not guilt but being used as such, like your convicted!!!In Austrilla this arrest posting is not allowed, and should be here, to prevent discrimination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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