Will a fingerprint background check show my entire criminal record? what about arrests?

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*important* when I was 17 I was charged with assault and battery, I received a CWOF (continuance without a finding) and 18 months probation, however during the probation I was caught driving with a suspended license (unknowingly) and thus it was considered a violation of probation and my probation was G TERM (guilty terminated), though no punishment was given. my official criminal record says DISP: CWOF and STATUS: case closed, is there a chance this could not show up? I have to do a fingerprint check for my new job and I am very concerned. Please advise. Thank you
I’m 25 and it happened when I was 17. Also- I didn’t lie about anything. they never asked me because I never had to fill out an application. so I didn’t say anything. If they ask, I will explain what happened.
also- is it better to do a live scan, or a traditional ink finger printing? is one better than the other?


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3 Responses to Will a fingerprint background check show my entire criminal record? what about arrests?

  1. Christopher says:

    Yes. If you have ever been fingerprinted by ANYTHING, including police fingerprinting.

  2. Kelly Woodard says:

    It could depending on what they are looking for how old are you? if you got fingerprinted any arrest will popup. thats why you have to be honest with them.

  3. Caoedhen says:

    It depends on who gets the fingerprints. FBI? They will see everything there is to know about you. That doesn’t mean they can report juvenile offenses to an employer, but we don’t know how that will work where you are, since we don’t know where you are. In my state, offenses at 17 are part of your adult record. In the next state over, the arrest/conviction wouldn’t be shown to an employer because you would be a juvenile.

    As for live scan/ink, the only difference is how fast the prints get to the agency that will examine them. With live scan, prints get to the FBI in a matter of seconds. With ink, they have to be mailed.

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