Will a pending DWI appear on my record if the courts run a background check on me ?

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  • does a pending dwi show on a background
  • if you havent been to court yet for a dui will it show up on a background check still?
  • does a pending dui show up in a criminal background check
  • dui pending on background check
  • dwi class a pending misdemeanor keep you from apartment rental
  • i just had a dwi charge added to my record 9 years later is this legal
  • what is a pending criminal charge (the DUI)
  • when does a charge show up on your sriving record
  • will a dwi show up on a background check if i havnt gone to court yet
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6 Responses to Will a pending DWI appear on my record if the courts run a background check on me ?

  1. O'Really says:

    i would certainly hope so

  2. chantryl.mcclendon@rocketmail.com says:

    yep,because the courts look at all your cases pending or not.

  3. norskeyenta2 says:

    Un-fortunately, Yes. Anything Pending will show up .

  4. Henry R says:

    Given the fact that you willingly choose to endanger my life when I drive or walk down the streets, I really hope they show your DWI and you get sentenced. People like you are bad.

  5. ezgoing_type says:

    Your driving record will show the arrest. Also, when fingerprints are taken, they are entered into the system which creates a Criminal Record. So both your driving record and criminal record will show the DWI.

  6. ALICIA says:


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