will an arrest record 21 years old hurt my chance to become...

will an arrest record 21 years old hurt my chance to become a nurse. I have a certificate of rehabilitaion.?

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  1. I think it could depend on what you were arrested for, and what the charges were and if you did jail time, etc. I would contact the school you wish to attend and ask.

    (it looks worse on you if you dont say anything. They wonder why you withheld the info. Its actually considered a felony to lie on an application)

    also edited to say, looks like you havent even gone to school for it yet, in that case checking this first is the way to go before going through school and spending the money and then never being able to get a job.

  2. Possibly depending on the "crime" and if you have a Felony from it… I wouldnt say anything util they do like a background check, JUST incase it wont show up, that way you dont make yourself look bad by bringing it up. They may then think twice about giving you a chance… Worse to happen it would show up and they may ask you about it or say that you cant work in that facility…

  3. I’m assuming that since you have the certificate it was an arrest and conviction and not just an arrest. If the incident was 21 years ago and you’ve had a clean record since then, then you probably won’t have much of a problem. The biggest hurdle you’ll have to face is if your arrest was for drugs. People with drug convictions in their background will be automatically disqualified from some jobs, especially if you’re applying for a position where you’d have access to controlled substances. The best advice that I can give you is to be 100% honest when applying for the job. Lying about your past will get you in more trouble than telling the truth.

  4. some things areclear after 7 years check and find out also when you serve sentencethings can be taken off the record askthe right people

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