will an arrest record keep me from traveling to Canada by air???

will an arrest record keep me from traveling to Canada by air???

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ok so i was arrested 3 years ago for protesting bush during the 2004 election i was told that i’d have an arrest record …but i dont have any convictions at all i just paid my fine or bail…. and that was it it hasnt kept me from getting any jobs i’m worried about going through customs
btw i do have my passport too i just got it 2 weeks ago


  1. No, you should have no problem.
    They only care about those on the terrorist watch list.
    If they ran everybody’s criminal history, you’d have to wait like 2 months to get into any country!

  2. I am not an authority but I have never heard of anything like that. Hey we dont like him either..come on over :-)

  3. You should be fine and it should not even come up. Chances are it was a misdemeanor and most authorities do not even pursue things of that nature. If it had been a felony for something that could cause harm to people on the planeex. bomb threat then they could keep you from boarding and then some.

  4. Friend of mine got stopped at the Border for having a DUI. They would not let him in. I am not sure which crimes make it so you are unwelcome in Canada.

  5. Many people get arrested who are later released or found to be not-guilty, for whatever reason or reasons. A record of being arrested is not proof of a criminal record, since it is not, by itself, an indication that a person was actually convicted of some felony or misdemeanor. You should have no worries about going through customs. As far as having been arrested, I call your attention to the fact that many modern day politicians and civil rights leaders have many arrests (even misdemeanor convictions) in their pasts and it doesn’t seem to work a burden on their international travel activities. If you have actually been convicted of a felony, then you would be better off contacting the customs department in the country that you plan to enter and ask them directly.

  6. It all depends what the conviction record says. I understand you were arrested for protesting but what does your record actually say? If you don’t have a felony you’re probably okay. If you’re flying into Canada you’re going to need a passport though. If you have that , they’ll let you in.

  7. U r out of it…n need not worry!Its only for prisoners, where they need to seek special permission from the government to travel anywhere, either via air or water.

    Hav a safe n a nice journey!!!:)

  8. It’s possible. Something like that could get you on the terrorist watch list, it happens to quite a few prominent anti-war protestors. I doubt it would prevent you from flying, but they may stop you and thoroughly inspect you and your luggage. I think the chances of you being on the list are small, though, and the only way to find out is to try to fly.

    As far as customs, I don’t think a singe arrest with no conviction will keep you out of Canada.

  9. I dont think you will have any problems. As long as you paid your fine and no warrent has been issued, you are fine.

    The warrent would have been issued if you did not pay your fine, if you paid, you have NOTHING to worry about.

    I want to thank you for your part in protesting. You are my HERO. I mean it.

    Fly like nothing ever happened. if you act nervous in front of the custom people, they will suspect that you are doing something wrong. But I am telling you according to the LAW they cant do anything if you paid your fines.

    You are fine.

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