Will *one* arrest on my criminal record prevent me from becoming a licensed practical nurse?

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I was arrested one month after turning 18 for petty larceny, but the charges were dropped. By the time I get out of school and start job hunting with my LPN license, it will be a little over 2 years since the arrest occurred.


  • arrested for shopplifting but charges were dropped police clearance be okey
  • can an arrest prevent me from getting a nursing license in il
  • if i have police record how my license as nurse will affect me?
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5 Responses to Will *one* arrest on my criminal record prevent me from becoming a licensed practical nurse?

  1. ItsJustMe says:

    If the charges were dropped, it won’t affect you at all.

    What they look at is CONVICTIONS, not arrests.

  2. The First Dragon says:

    The you were not convicted, so you are okay.

  3. cyanne2ak says:

    It can, but it is not very likely. It is more likely that you will receive a probationary period or have to attend extra classes or seminars. The fact that you’ve kept your nose clean for 2 years does weigh in your favor. Don’t hide that this arrest occurred. That is where you will be harmed most – hiding the truth.

  4. doc says:

    not from becoming a nurse no, or listens that is, may hinder you from being hired though,
    and you proble wont be able to get a job at a school

  5. .. says:

    No Dear that’s not going to show up.. do a background check on yourself to make sure..

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