Will recording someone without their knowledge hold up in court?

Will recording someone without their knowledge hold up in court?

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Someone recorded me at my job asking questions about treated lumber and about M.D.S (material data sheets) that you can ask for to get ingredients for products. He claims to have gotten cancer from the treated lumber. Hes says that I said that "if the customer is too stupid to ask for one than its not Lowes’ (the company I work for) fault". He threatened my managers about taking it to court to sue for several million dollars. I believe that recording someone without their permission is inadmissible evidence in court but I cant be sure. Can someone let me know?
I live in NC by the way.
He recorded me without my permission, I had absolutely no idea he recorded me.
I’m pretty sure that i didnt say that people were too stupid, but i cant remember.
It wasnt done over the phone it was done using a tape recorder.
like i said it wasnt done over the phone it was done with a tape recorder in person.


  1. as long as one of the ppl in the convo knows its being recorded i believe it is legal…

  2. North Carolina is a "one party consent" state, so you need consent from ONE of the participants (that would be you) to record the conversation and have it admitted in court. No, you DON’T need to notify the other party beforehand nor do you need to obtain consent.

    However, if the other party is OUTSIDE North Carolina, then federal law applies, which is also "one-party consent".

  3. You can be recorded, and it is admissible as long as the person doing the recording is one of the participants in the conversation and not a third party. This is the law for exactly this reason, if some one wants to make half a**ed statements about people being too f-ing stupid to do this or that they better be willing to live by them.

  4. Most laws on this pertain to telephonic conversations. Thirty eight states and the District of Columbia follow the federal precedent that says any party to a telephonic conversation is allow to tape record the conversation without notifying the other parties participating in the conversation that the conversation is taking place.

    What you need to do is check the laws for you particular state. This can be done online.

  5. If he just wore a tape recorder when he was talking to you, that is not admissible in court. However it will help him remember exactly what was said and if you said some dumb stuff he can testify to that in court and you will have to admit you said it.

    Your only crime is making a dumb comment.

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